4332 Kryptowährungen
Marktkapitalisierung $10,035,505,659,525,424
Gesamtvolumen 24h $6,548,954,348

Core Group Asset Core Group Asset

-302.49 -5.23%

The CORE token is a Waves-based asset and it represents a form of “ownership” in the ventures and assets managed by the Core group, including Core Media, Core Magazine, Core Radio and the Core Group Portfolio. The CORE token currently runs on a buy-back & burn program. Through this program, 50% of all profits netted by the Core Group ventures and trading are used to buy CORE tokens from traditional exchanges and from the Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX). These tokens are then destroyed in a public and verifiable manner.

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Marktanteil 0.00%
zu Beginn $5,785.24
niedrigster Wert $5,300.87
höchster Wert $5,995.22
momentane Anzahl 10,000 CORE
maximale Anzahl 1,000,000 CORE
Marktkapitalisierung $54,827,500
24h-Volumen (Münze) 6 CORE
24h-Volumen (Währung) $32,036
Zuletzt aktualisiert 2021-07-03 09:40:04
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