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Bodhi Bodhi

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Bodhi is a QTUM-based predictive market platform. The platform will leverage the advantages of the state-of-the-art decentralized prediction markets by integrating third-party Oracles and decentralized voting via its Oracle abstraction layer. Within the platform token holders will be allowed to create and vote on prediction events, in case the vote is consistent with the predicted value generated by Oracle the token holders will be reward with BOT tokens in exchange.

Marktanteil 1.03%
zu Beginn $1,040,220.00
niedrigster Wert $1,040,220.00
höchster Wert $1,040,220.00
momentane Anzahl 100,000,000 BOT
maximale Anzahl 100,000,000 BOT
Marktkapitalisierung $104,022,000,000,000
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