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Marktkapitalisierung $10,036,475,129,725,046
Gesamtvolumen 24h $422,853,373,951

Aidos Kuneen Aidos Kuneen

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Aidos Kuneen is a PoW cryptocurrency based on the IMesh algorithm, an innovative new distributed ledger which is based on a DAG (directed acyclic graph), in which every transaction directly verifies two other transactions and therefore confirms that they are valid and conform to the protocol’s rules. Aidos team focuses on privacy, decentralization and scalability without blockchain and fees.

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zu Beginn $1.20
niedrigster Wert $0.51
höchster Wert $1.20
momentane Anzahl 25,000,000 ADK
maximale Anzahl 25,000,000 ADK
Marktkapitalisierung $12,750,000
24h-Volumen (Münze) 245 ADK
24h-Volumen (Währung) $125
Zuletzt aktualisiert 2022-01-03 08:35:16
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